12th - 13th MAY 2007
Sat 12th - 10.00am - 6.00pm
Sun 13th - 10.30am - 5.00pm
The Official Hotel of the Bristol International Comic Expo is the Ramada Plaza Hotel
Booking details now up on the website:

AND THE IBIS Bristol Central

Online ADVANCE TICKETS now on sale via paypal:

As well as the usual superhero mainstream coverage at this years Expo, the event is becoming known for an ever-increasing range of UK Comics - aka the Independent Press.

However, the Expo organisers are aware that it can be quite intimidating for a new reader to dip one's toes in the oceans of independent books: Where should I start? Am I going to be given the hardsell? How do I find out in advance which books might appeal to me?

To answer these questions Chris Lynch ( and Craig Johnson ( in conjunction with Comic Expo have produced a free preview website for as many exhibitors as care to contribute - to showcase their best works, to provide a central one-stop-shop - not only for potential attendees at the Expo, but also for general interest and for anyone interested in independent comics.

The website is now up and running at:

with further updates weekly as more creators submit their pieces.

Returns after a riotous performance last year. Now on the Sunday!

Expo Events and EXclusives:

Press Registration

Register now for your 2007 Comic Expo Press Pass!

Press Passes will only be issued upon confirmation of press status. Press passes will not be mailed but will be available from the Press Room at the RAMADA PLAZA Hotel when you arrive at the event.

To register and for queries contact:
David Morris

2030AD celebrating Tharg's 30th! With the Charity Auction to be held at the Exhibition Hall at 5.00pm Saturday. Examples of the artwork so far can be found on the Charities page.

With the new Transformers Movie exploding onto the big screen in May we have a limited edition EXpo EXclusive: TRANSFORMERS: The Movie Prequel COMIC EXPO VARIANT COVER by Andrew Wildman. In association with IDW PUBLISHING. Only available at Comic Expo.


FREE entry to the Comic Expo to all who turn up in costume!
Plus! Toykopop will be presenting prizes for the very best costumes at the parade on Sat night at 5pm in the main hall.

As is now traditional for Bristol, the first attendees will be able to pick up a goodie bag, containing a selection from the following: a Rebellion graphic novel, one Transformers plus a DC title one a.n.other FCBD title, an Interactive Gift Card from Sideshow Collectables, the Tripwire Annual Flyer, a Markosia back issue, a NCSoft disc for updated City of Heroes MMORPG, a Green Lantern Power Ring (note is not guaranteed to actually work) and an issue of Toxic and more to be added. Our heartfelt thanks to all at Forbidden Planet Bristol for putting these bags together, great work fellas. Demand for these bags is always high, and we can't guarantee they will last any length of time?get in line well before the opening time of 10:00 on Saturday 12th to secure yours.

Anchor Bay Entertainment will be bringing;
Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms
Hellboy Animated: Blood & Iron

to the show. Plus;
Stan Lee Presents: Mosaic
Stan Lee Presents: Condor

Highlander Search for Vengeance (anime feature from the director of Ninja Scroll).

1000 Goodie bags will be given away on the Saturday. Sponsored by Forbidden Planet (London).
Presenting the new BLAKE'S 7 audio dramas with special guests;
Simon Moorhead (Executive Producer)
Andrew Mark Sewell (Producer/Director)
Ben Aaronovitch (Script Editor)
Alistair Lock (Zen)
Owen Aaronovitch (Gan)

Orang Utan Comics present the official Bristol International Comic Expo Film Night 2007.

May 11th at 10pm at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Bristol, this year's Film Night will be bigger and better than ever.

We have a thrilling selection of visual delights to offer you, including the world premiere of the new Highlander anime, SEARCH FOR VENGEANCE; a rare chance to see award wining Star Wars fan film REVELATIONS on a big screen; off the wall Superman fan film LOSING LOIS LANE; and the anarachic, feature length send up of "anime music videos", AMV HELL 3. Plus an exclusive first look at upcoming blockbuster hit, VZE!

CLASSICAL COMICS Portfolio Review. Classical Comics are currently recruiting art teams for their 2007/08 productions.

Live Aerosol Installation!




For the first time at the Bristol Comic Expo, we bring you a live aerosol art demonstration from Aerosol impressario Luca Bratsi.
"As far back as i can remember i wanted to be in comics but the temptation of graffiti and smell of paint fumes took me in a different direction. My paintings are influenced by the work of a generation of amazing artists, from Simon Bisley to Trevor Hairsine from Carlos Ezquerra to Jason Brashill. I will be painting a tribute to 2000AD and the artists that warped my mind at a very young age."
A 2030AD Special

For Reservations and further information contact:
Martin 'Biff' Averre
Telephone on 01206 364140 (011-44-1206 364140 from North America).
BLINK TWICE SWAG-O-RAMA! A 4th appearance at the Bristol Convention can mean only one thing to the boys behind the Eagle-award nominated Malcolm Magic Series. BRAND NEW
The first treat to roll hot off the press will be the 4th and Final Collected Edition of Malcolm Magic, gathering together issues 10-12 of the maxi-series. This sumptuous bundle-of-fun coincides with the last opportunity for fans to get their hands on the original single issues, which
are due to be discontinued after the show.

The pre-release hype for the full-colour, international MOON series continues with the release of the 2nd 68-page MOON Space Log, a perfect-bound almanac of beautiful pics and silly words. A must for all MOON fans.

As with every convention appearance the Blink boys will be treating every visitor to their stand who spends over £10. Your purchases will earn you a free copy of the uber-limited, Bristol-only, 9th MOON Sketchbook. It's a little gem!

Regrets he is now not able to attend the show.


Insomnia Publications will have new titles on sale Daemon issues 2 and 3, Layer Zero Anthology and The Kill Cell Novel. They'll have artists and writers who contributed to the Layer Zero Anthology including Paul Roper of 21 Demons, appearing at certain times over the weekend to sign work and do on the spot illustrations.

EXpo EXclusive
WAR of the WORLDS poster by D'Israeli


Artist: Y the Last Man.
Writer: Simpsons Comics and Futurama.
Monkeys with Machineguns Chris Lynch and Stu.Art will be video-blogging live "from the trenches" of the Bristol Comic Expo 2007 for NDComics Magazine.

"Lots of people post up journals, reports, and reviews of shows after they've done them", said MWM's Chris Lynch. "We thought it would be interesting not only to post some reports on our run-up to the show, but also try out a real-time view from the trenches whilst we are there. It's all, hopefully, going to be good fun and also a bit informative for anyone wondering what it's like to be on the other side of the table here in the UK".

Anybody who wants to contribute their thoughts, feelings, and feedback on the show is welcome to pass by the Monkeys with Machineguns stand during the show and ask to be included in the video blog. There's no guarantee that everyone will make the cut of course!

AREA 51 RADIO will be broadcasting material from the show over the weekend and running follow up interviews and features on their site up to a month after the show... Plus! they'll be running games and competitions on the Sunday in the Exhibition Hall
so tune in, take part and hear yourselves on air !

The "Entering Reynard City" compilation (issues one through seven plus extras) will be launched from Polycomical, at a special convention rate. Polycomical will also be listening to pitches for new stories plus reviewing portfolios all weekend.
Team Mobius make their debut convention appearance, consisting of a number of recent graduates from the BA Sequential Illustration Course, showcasing their upcoming comics and animation work ? a chance for an early glimpse at some future British creators.
Once again Markosia is taking a full and active role at the Bristol Comic Expo. Spotlighting their newest titles due later this year - Kong: King of Skull Island and The Vengeance Of The Vapor "spaghetti western meets pulp hero action".
Also the Heretic and not forgetting , Starship Troopers, The Lexian Chronicles and The Tizzle Sisters and Eric.

Plus! Four limited edition hardcovers produced EXclusively for Bristol this year:
Starship Troopers - Dead Man's Hand (limited to 50)
Breathe Vol.1 (ltd to 60)
Dark Mists (ltd to 60)
Midnight Kiss (ltd to 50)
All signed by the creators.
ACE Comics, our perennial supporters, bring virtually their entire shop to the Bristol Expo as last year, it's shelves, it's tables, it?s a real walk-in shop in the Expo itself. Trades, new releases, bargain 50p comics from 2006 (mainly DC, Dark Horse and IDW).

Plus!Two special signings will be held at the ACE stand Barry Kitson and John Watson.

Orang Utan Comics comics collective launches their anthology title 11th Hour Issue 1 at the Bristol Expo, featuring an international rosta of talent:- Supernatural drama Purgatory Blues features Tanzanian artist Azim Akberali (Eye of the Storm, Vampires Unlimited), vampire tale Bloodstain showcases the work of Portugese artist Nuno Nobre, Scotsman Tom Walsh draws post apocalyptic tale Brothers in Arms and Phillipino Randy Valiente (Bronx Angel), provides us with a sneak peak into the superhero world of Young Gods. There is a possibility that a Slam Ridley preview will also feature with an artist that will be unveiled nearer the time along with one more short story. The first 11th Hour cover will be provided by Austrian tattooist and album cover artist Franke and features stories written by Ian Sharman (Smoke & Mirror, Shadowmancer) and Peter Rogers (Eye of the Storm).
Will Dunlop brings Phoenix Handmade Books & Journals to Bristol for the second year! His individually crafted unique copper covers for diaries / books / sketchbooks can be purchased at competitive prices, Will's challenge is to craft anything the purchaser desires, any hero, any villain, any characters. http// is his website for some ideas of previous commissions.

Signing schedule now up!

See Events page for times of Portfolio Sessions.
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